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My good friend Calypso wrote a Bio for me, she’s Belgian so I left it as is, in her english, thank you Calypso!

When I first heard about ChopperDave, I was around 14 years old, living in Belgium and one of my friend rode a shovelhead. The guy had collected a huge collection of motorcycles magazines which he horded preciously, knowing nothing about motorcycles, I didn’t cared a bit when he showed me pictures of a Bike called the “Super Freak” telling me stories about that uber rad guy called Chopper Dave.

By the time I heard of him, David Freston aka Chopper Dave had been in the so-cal motorcycle / chopper subculture for a while already. At some point, he moved to Long Beach to built bikes at West Coast Choppers and he also started a parts manufacturing business – this was about 10 years ago, by then, I had start to read motorcycles magazines myself, and Dave was called “the last American Hero” (except it was in French).

A few years later, as a motorcycles journalist, I got to shoot Chopper Dave as well as some of his bikes at his campount in Long Beach – his garage is not only one of the coolest place, the guy passions and culture goes far beyond motorcycles.

And Photography is definitly one of those passions. He takes a lot of pictures. A lot.
Motorcycles, Music, Portraits, Erotica/ Fetish – his subject are diverse and versatile.
Nonetheless, David also has such a personnal way of mixing it all together by pushing the limits, while, at the same time, he always stays on that edge where it could go so terribly wrong but yet feel so terribly right !
Dave’s honesty translate into his work, when it comes to building bikes or taking pictures of naked girls, it always feels like it’s the only thing that matters and that makes his work worth looking at!
Dave writes and shoots for The Horse, Street Chopper, Dice Magazine, Hardcore Chopper Japan and Chopper Journal. He has had pictures in gallery shows in LA and NYC as well as published in books and 75+ articles.

At the moment, Dave has the tendencies of choping things off – he recently chopped is pinkie finger and his hairs… as his friend, I support him, no matter what so I’m kind of excited to see what’s next ! and I think you should be too !
-Calypso Portugaels – Writer-Photographer

Thank you for looking, i’ll be adding a media page very soon.

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